Over 25 Years of Experience

EN Gümrük

Holistic operation, quick solution.

Our Mission

Being a company that creates change and leaves a mark.

Our Vision

To be the first company preferred in the sector with reliable, up-to-date, fast and integrated solutions.

Our Values

Fidelity, honesty, transparency, reputation and reliability, innovation.


Simplifies your operations, creates solutions that are appropriate for foreign trade and national & international customs regulations.

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It is ensured that all stages of the operations are monitored simultaneously with the special codes dedicated to the service recipients.

The system reflects the processing steps in customs or institutions on a file basis. Allows simultaneous operation monitoring. Provides simultaneous information e-mail for the desired processes. Defines the missing information and / or documents and follow-up. Provides reference tracking compatible with SAP, NETSIS and other programs. Reflects operations, accounting and archiving processes in detail.

Holistic operation, quick solution.

With its experience of more than 25 years, EN Gümrük Brokerage manages the logistics requirements for its business partners and manages international customs, foreign trade legislation implementation and procedures with its technological and innovative solutions.

En Gümrük works with the objectives of reducing the costs to a minimum and ensuring continuity in the activities to increase the profitability by creating awareness, identifying and meeting all needs within the scope of customs consultancy and foreign trade activities, combining the right buyers with the right information.

Through continuous adaptation and balance in all changing conditions; it continues its journey with its values of good faith, trust and transparency by focusing on innovation and development.

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